Urea Foot Creams

The urea based foot creams are very helpful to manage a range of skin conditions that affect the foot. The higher concentrations of urea allow the ‘sloughing’ off of the drier flakes of skin and the lower concentrations of urea allow to more moisture to be retained in the skin.

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Onychophosis is the most common cause of pain in the nail sulcus. It is commonly mistaken for an ingrown toe nail. The pressure from the nail results in a build of of skin and it is that thicker skin in the nail groove that causes the pain.

The treatment of onychophosis usually will need the skills of a podiatrist to expertly debride the callused nail groove and remove the painful skin.

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Laser Therapy for Onychomycosis

Laser therapy uses the high intensity light to try and destroy the fungal elements in toenail onychomycosis.

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Duct Tape for Warts

Duct tape has many practical uses and it has been advocated for the use of treating warts or verrucae by occluding the area. Teh clinical trials show that it does not work too well.

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Corns on Toes

Corns develop on the toes when the medium to long term pressure on an area. The skin thickens in response to that pressure, but becomes so thick that it becomes painful. The only way to permanently get rid of corns is to remove that cause.

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Ectopic Toe Nails

Ectopic Toe Nails are nails that develop in areas of the toe or foot that they are not supposed to grow in.

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