Toe Straighteners

The toe straighteners category of products comprise a range of variations and products with quite diverse terminology. They are all aimed to correct of straighten the toes by holding them in a better position.

A good summary of all the different toe straighteners or toe spacers.

Toe Straighteners are orthopedic devices designed to help align and separate the toes, promoting natural foot function and addressing various foot and toe-related issues. They are typically made of flexible silicone and are placed between the toes to gently stretch and restore the natural spacing between them. 

Toe Straighteners are primarily used to improve toe alignment by realigning and straightening the toes. They can be beneficial for conditions such as bunions, overlapping toes, hammer toes, and crooked toes.

By promoting proper toe alignment, Toe Straighteners can help alleviate foot pain associated with various conditions, including plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia (forefoot pain), and neuromas.

Wearing Toe Straighteners can help strengthen the muscles in your feet and toes. By encouraging toe splaying and natural arch support, they promote better muscle activation and development.

Proper alignment and toe spacing can enhance balance and stability while standing, walking, and engaging in physical activities.

Toe Straighteners can help improve blood circulation in the feet by eliminating toe crowding and allowing for better toe movement and flexibility.

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Plantar Plate Tear

Plantar Plate Tear are a common problem causing pain in the forefoot.

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This is a massage tool with ribs or ridges that you roll the foot over. It was designed by a podiatrist. Many people find it helpful for plantar fasciitis and those feet that are tired at the end of the day.


Using the Pediroller.

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Bunion Correctors

These are a splint or brace that you wear at night that are supposed to correct bunions. There is some debate if they do correct them or not, but the research shows that they can improve the angle of the big toe by a few degrees after a month of use.

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Archie Arch Support Thongs

These are a uniquely Australian product where they call flip flops thongs! They are popular and widely used. Many podiatry clinics stock and sell the arch support thongs

Archie Arch Support Thongs

They are most widely used as they are just comfortable, but also used as an alternative and adjunct to using foot orthotics.

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The Short Foot Exercise

The short foot exercise is commonly used to treat flat or pronated feet, but there is very little evidence to support it use

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Barefoot Running

Barefoot running was a fad a few years ago. It was somewhat controversial due to all the claims that were made for. It turned out once the science was done, the benefits were just not there and runners have lost interest in it.

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Ball of Foot Pain

Pain in the ball of the foot can be many different things, ranging from a plantar plate dysfunction, to a stress fracture to a mortons neuroma. Sometime the differential is easy and sometimes it is difficult. Getting it right is so important as each cause of ball-of-foot-pain has a different treatment.

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