The Diabetic Foot

Care of the foot in those with diabetes is so important as so many of the complications of diabetes put the foot at risk for damage and can have serious long term complications.

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Charcot Foot

Charcots foot is a problem that occurs in those with diabetes and nerve damage. The loss of sensation mens that fractures and dislocation to joints are more common as damage is not detected.

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The Ipswich Touch Test

The Ipswich Touch Test is a quick and sensitive test for diabetic neuropathy. The test is done by lightly touching the ends of the first, third and fifth toes of both feet (with a total of six toes) with the clinicians index finger for 1-2 seconds. They are asked to identify when the toe is touched. A reduced foot sensation using this test is generally considered when there being ≥ 2 areas that have lost sensation.

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