Gabapentin’s connection to podiatry is that it can be used to treat chronic regional pain syndrome and restless leg syndrome which is common among patients seen in podiatry clinical practice. It is mainly used to treat epilepsy, but its use in conditions such as restless leg syndrome and other has increased over time due to clinical experience in its use.

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Restiffic Foot Wrap for Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome is a common and extremely annoying problem. No one treatment works for each person, so often it is a trial and error to find the most useful treatment. There are many different drug options, including gabapentin, but each drug only seems to a small percentage of those with restless legs syndrome. There has been some recent discussion on the use of the Restiffic foot wrap, but it has not yet come to market. It appears to be a wrap that tight binds the foot. Those with Restless legs syndrome are always searching for cures as it has a significant affect on sleep quality and on their quality of life.

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