The Circulation Booster

The Circulation Booster is a controversial product that has been slammed by advertising standards authorities for the unsubstantiated claims that they made. Little or no evidence support there use, except for testimonials.

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Cancer and the Foot

Cancer can affect the foot either via a primary tumor in a tissue in the foot or as a secondary tumor from a more proximal metastasis.

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Burning Feet

The symptoms of a burning foot or feet are almost always due to some underlying neurological problem. The treatment options are often limited and the problem can be quite distressing.

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Calcaneal Apophysitis

Calcaneal Apophysitis is also called Severs Disease and is a common condition of the growth plate at the back of the heel bone in kids.The pain is present at the back and sides of the heel, usually worse after sports activity. As it is a problem with the growth plate, it will come right on its own as the child’s growth in the heel bone stops. It is most commonly treated with a cushioned heel inserts and is a self limiting problem that eventually comes right by itself.

This video from PodChatLive was a good discussion on Calcaneal Apophysitis with an expert in the topic for those who want a deep dive into the topic:

For other videos on Severs disease, see PodiatryTube.

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