Erythromelalgia is a distressing and difficult to manage condition that affects the hands and feet and is characterized by intermittent attacks with the triad of symptoms of redness, warmth and burning pain that can last from minutes to days. It needs to be differentiated from chilblains and burning feet syndrome. It has a significant impact on quality of life and the ability to carry out the activities of daily living.

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Chilblains are a painful itchy reaction mostly n the toes to a too rapid change in temperature from cold to hot.


They usually appear initially as painful, reddish itchy lesions that later become a darker or blueish color that may breakdown. If not protected they can become infected.

The best treatment for chilblains is to prevent them from happening in the first place by keeping the feet warm and not letting them get cold. If they do get cold, then they need to be warmed up slowly and gradually. If a chilblain does develop, then a cream to stimulate the circulation can be used. It is important that they are protected and not allowed to develop into an infection.

This new video from PodChatLive is a really good discussion on chilblains:

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The Circulation Booster is a controversial product that has been slammed by advertising standards authorities for the unsubstantiated claims that they made. Little or no evidence support there use, except for testimonials.

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