Kinetic Wedge

The kinetic wedge is an extension that can be used on the front part of the foot orthotic to assist in the clinical management of of functional hallux limitus.

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Barefoot Science

Barefoot Science is a foot strengthening insole system that has been widely criticized for the lack of science that supports them; the unsubstantiated claims they make; and the claims they make that are contradicted by the evidence.

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Dr Merton Root, DPM

Dr Merton Root, DPM (1922–2002) is widely considered the ‘father’ of clinical biomechanics in podiatry and the theory (‘Root theory’) that largely underpins the use of foot orthotic is mostly based on his original concepts.

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The Mueller TPD Foot Orthotic

The Mueller TPD Foot Orthotic is a particular foot orthotic design originally developed by Terrance J Mueller DPM to specifically treaty posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. This foot orthotic typically has a deep heel cup and medial and lateral flanges to limit transverse plane motion.

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