Calcaneal Stress Fractures

Calcaneal Stress Fractures are the second most common stress fracture in the foot and a typically an overuse injury. They can be diagnosed clinically with the calcaneal squeeze test and be confirmed with an MRI. The recovery can take months.

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Metatarsalgia is a ‘waste bucket’ term that means pain in the forefoot or metatarsal region. It could be any number of things such as sesamoiditis, plantar plate dysfunction or a mortons neuroma

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Magnetic Insoles

Magnetic Insoles are pseudoscience nonsense. They are insole with magnets that have made up claims about the health benefits of walking around on magnets.

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LisFranc Injury

The LisFranc injury or fracture occurs when there is a displacement of the metatarsals on the tarsal bone. Many different joint and bones are involved.

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Haglunds Deformity

Haglunds deformity is an anatomic variation in which the back of the heel bone is larger than normal. Generally there is nothing wrong with that except that pressure from the shoes can be painful.

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Foot Pain

Foot pain is what Podiatrists do. There are plenty of good and bad resources on the web on foot pain.

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Foot Manipulation

Foot manipulation and mobilization is commonly used to treat a wide range of foot problems ranging from the chronic problems that develop after and ankle sprain to heel pain to cuboid syndrome to bunions.

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Anterior Compartment Syndrome

Anterior Compartment Syndrome occurs during sport when the muscle size expands from the activity and the tightness of the fascial sheath around the muscles prevents the muscle expanding resulting in pain.

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APOS Therapy

APOS therapy is a type of footwear that is adjustable to change joint moments that are claimed to be helpful for problems like knee osteoarthritis. The extent of teh claims are not back up by the evidence.

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Achilles tendon rupture

An Achilles tendon rupture is dramatic when it happens, but is surprisingly not often as painful as you might think. The diagnosis is obvious. The tretament can either be in a cast or surgical.

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