Muscle Strength and Arch Height

There is apparently a lot of controversy on the roles of muscles and muscle strength on the height of the arch in the foot. Almost all of the research shows that there is no relationship between muscle strength and arch height; no relationship between overpronation and muscle strength; and the evidence also shows that foot orthotics do not weaken the muscles neither. There is really no controversy, the evidence is clear.

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Twitter is a valuable resource to keep up to date with new and current information. There are plenty of expert and knowledgeable podiatrists on Twitter who regularly tweet whats new and whats worth reading. That has it advantages and disadvantages in that like any social media platform, misinformation can also be spread just as well and just as easily as good information!

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Oscon for Severs Disease

Severs disease or calcaneal apophysitis is a common problem causing pain in the heel of kids; it is an overuse type injury to the growth plate at the back of the heel bone. It is a self limiting problem that always comes right eventually when the growth in the heel bone stops. Several treatments have been advocated for it treatment. One of these is a dietary supplement called Oscon which consists of selenium and vitamin E. It is only supported by the use of testimonials and no clinical study has been done on it. It is not clear if it is worth trying or not as most children do get the minimum dietary requirements for Vitamin E and Selenium from their normal daily intake.

The best treatment for Severs disease is generally managing the activity levels and using a cushioned heel raise.

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