Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes are a popular running shoe.

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Best Running Shoes

There is no such thing as the best running shoes. Each runners has individual needs and individual response to running shoes, so there will be a best running shoe for each runner and it will not be the same running shoes.

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APodC, the Australian Podiatry Council is the peak representative body for podiatry in Australia

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Anterior Compartment Syndrome

Anterior Compartment Syndrome occurs during sport when the muscle size expands from the activity and the tightness of the fascial sheath around the muscles prevents the muscle expanding resulting in pain.

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Baxters Nerve Entrapment

Baxter nerve entrapment is a cause of heel pain with the symptoms often mimicking plantar fasciitis and should be conisdered in any case of heel pain the has a neurological component to it.

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Barefoot Science

Barefoot Science is a foot strengthening insole system that has been widely criticized for the lack of science that supports them; the unsubstantiated claims they make; and the claims they make that are contradicted by the evidence.

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Barefoot Running Shoes

Barefoot running shoes are those shoes with such minimal construction that they do not interfere with what would be considered barefoot function. At there simplest, they are simply fabric coverings of the foot.

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Podiatry Classifieds

Apart from eBay and the local sites, there are not many websites to buy and sell podiatry via classified adverts.

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Barefoot Running

Barefoot running was a fad a few years ago. It was somewhat controversial due to all the claims that were made for. It turned out once the science was done, the benefits were just not there and runners have lost interest in it.

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Ball of Foot Pain

Pain in the ball of the foot can be many different things, ranging from a plantar plate dysfunction, to a stress fracture to a mortons neuroma. Sometime the differential is easy and sometimes it is difficult. Getting it right is so important as each cause of ball-of-foot-pain has a different treatment.

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