Supination Resistance

Supination Resistance is a concept of determining the force needed to supinate the foot. This is considered important in foot orthotic prescribing as it is helpful to determine how much force if needed from the foot orthotic if the foot is overpronating.


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Foot Posture Index

Foot Posture Index is a composite measure of the posture of the foot based on 6 different observations of the alignment or posture of different segments of the foot.

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Cluffy Wedge

The Cluffy wedge is a pad that is places under the great toe to hold it in a slightly dorsiflexed position. It is designed to treat functional hallux limitus and problems with the windlass mechanism.

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Congenital Vertical Talus

Congenital Vertical Talus is a severe cause of flat foot (or overpronation) in kids. The talus is almost vertically, pointing plantarly so that the navicular bone is articulating with the top of the head of the talus. Surgery is usually the only satisfactory treatment.

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‘Overpronation’ is generally accepted as being the foot rolling inwards at the ankle or rearfoot joints. There is a lot of controversy about the use of the term; just how much of a risk factor for injury it is; if it should be treated or not; and what the best treatment for it should be.


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Accessory Navicular

The accessory navicular is an extra bone on the medial side of the navicular that can cause pain due to pressure on the lump from footwear (especially things like ice skates) and also be a factor in flat or overpronated feet due to changes in the pull of the tendon from the muscle that is the main supporter of the arch of the foot.

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